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I’m a recovering people pleaser and stepping into my power. 
I explain myself as half business suite, half star dust with a wanderlust heart


     I’m a Business Strategist having grown, managed & owned multiple quarter, half and full million dollar businesses.


     My income comes from the computer! I build websites, businesses & run my 3 companies with a team of nearly 100!

At this point in my career I have built over 230 websites & I am a proud to be a Legend status Wix Partner. I also own a virtual Medical Recommendation company to help individuals obtain their Medicinal Cannabis License. I was among one of the first in the state of Oklahoma to create that Telehealth program. It has a sister company that does food allergy testing and more. Lastly, I manage a financial services team!  

I have trained for Corporate Companies, been an educator for Multi Billion Dollar companies and an International Speaker on stages with tens of thousands in attendance. 

When factoring in my superpower, people should know I am a master networker & communicator!              

Strengths: Web Development I Business Strategy I Coaching/Training Calls to help you grow!     

XOXO - Courtney


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