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Grunge Texture

I have been married to my husband Michael, for 8 years. We have three AMAZING kids (I might be a little biased)  Ollie, Ellie, and Koda, that I stay home with and homeschool.

I left my career field in 2021 to travel with my husband while living full-time in a 5th wheel. This was the beginning of a new chapter of self-discovery outside of work. I was able to dabble in blogging, be a part of a few ambassador programs with boutiques and really get to dive into being full time mom. I finally had the chance to color my hair a new color every month (grew up in private school and then chose career fields that only allowed natural colors, so this was a bucket list thing).


Towards the end of 2022, life was turned upside down, so I moved me and the girls back home to Oklahoma and a couple months later gave birth to our 3rd baby, Koda. While I loved being a SAHM, I continued to feel like my cup wasn't being filled. I started looking at work from home jobs. I have always known I would be a "Jade of All Trades" and boy have I lived up to that with as many career fields, I have been in, but I couldn't have dreamed I would get to be my own boss and be in a field where my creativity can run wild.... until now.

I simply responded to a Facebook post asking for more information from a really cool serial entrepreneur. A month later, the idea of Web Baddies was born. All I had was a little blogging knowledge, but with my quick study superpower and drive to make a dream come true, I dove into this field 110%.

Now I get to make client's visions come to life, giving them fun, unique sites that embody their business. I get to partner alongside two of the coolest women and build and empire. I get to empower business owners to have the knowledge and confidence to run their sites like a pro. This is where I thrive, and I would LOVE to have you be a part of something great! 

Hey! It is nice to virtually meet you! Here is a little about my story....

Meet Jade

These are some brands that I have had the honor and privilege of working with to create their dream websites.  


Grunge Texture
Shine Bright Wellness
Ethereal Wax Works
EH Metal Works
Beloved Warrior Life
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